B2C eCommerce with Magento

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Clever Age’s expertise, coupled with the power of Magento, can offer you a powerful, multi-channel and international B2C eCommerce site.

“Sell more and better” : it’s the main goal of any eCommerce site. You can sell better by offering a personalized and seamless customer experience. And you can sell more by acquiring the best merchandising, commercial animation and purchase support solutions, deployed in new territories. Clever Age uses a good methodology and the appropriate tools and skills to develop and operate efficient, robust and scalable eCommerce sites. Our dedicated team pushes back the eCommerce sites limites. We enable new uses, open them to other countries and integrate them into larger sales systems.


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  • Customer Experience
    Offer your clients a personalized itinerary to help them understand your offer and facilitate the purchase process
  • Cross-channel and omnicanal approaches
    Avoid sales channels which are fully independant, you should better share data between sales channels and build a seamless customer relationship.
  • International activity
    Facilitate your business development in other countries. You can use a platform that optimizes your efforts and consolidates your transactions, while adapting to the local particularities (pricing, languages, currencies, taxes, regulations …).
  • External services
    Integrate third-party services that improve your services quality (payment methods, delivery methods, shop reservations, shared reviews, social networks …).
  • PIM solution
    Consolidate and launch your offer quickly with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution.
  • Integration with the information system
    Connect your eCommerce platform to the information system and facilitate orders processing, customer requests, offer updates …
  • Technological performance
    Leverage an efficient eCommerce platform that will cope with your traffic spikes (balances, new seasons, TV ad …)


During any eCommerce project, Clever Age always focuses on the business and technical performance. Whatever the situation, we will support you to :

  • identify the sources of performance (360 ° audit, in-depth business or technical analysis, internal processes optimization, “quick-win” response …) ;
  • design and develop an eCommerce site (ergonomics, web design, interfaces, web development, integration, mobile themes, coupling, integration with the information system, graphical integration, etc.) ;
  • optimize the eCommerce sales channel (consulting, evolutions, performance optimization, SEO, monitoring, training …).


An eCommerce site is actually effective and relevant when connected to other solutions, to other sales channels. It is part of a broader set of tools and services which covers the company’s operations. The eCommerce platform is only one of the numerous components of the information system.

Clever Age has an extensive experience in information systems, with a wide range of tools : eCommerce, ERP, CRM, PIM, DAM, logistics, e-mailing, BI … We aim to facilitate information flow through a methodical approach and an industrial vision.


Monocanal, multichannel, cross-channel, omnicanal, and now what’s next ? ECommerce evolves very quickly, so quickly that it’s vital for a merchant to remain flexible and responsive to quickly adapt its activity to the new uses. Indeed, the use of terminals in physical outlets is becoming widespread (smartphones, interactive connected terminals). Customers can inquire, compare, decide, buy and give their opinion anywhere, at any time. To put it in a nutshell, they want unique and personalized shopping experiences.

To meet these challenges, we build your digital ecosystem by integrating the best elements. If an item becomes ineffective or obsolete, it is deleted or replaced, without affecting the ecosystem as a whole. From this perspective, the tools are individually more efficient and powerful.


We implement sustainable and flexible B2C eCommerce platforms. They offer a seamless customer experience and simplify the purchase on multiple channels. They also allow for multiple consumer behaviours and uses depending on the targets and on their location.

Magento’s architecture is built for international business, that’s why we know how to implement global eCommerce platforms that simplify operations (content management, order processing, customer services, etc.) and personalize the customer experience (localization of the offer, specific commercial activities and merchandising, translations of the contents, customization of the offer, etc.).

We create interfaces adapted to the customer needs and to the terminals constraints (desktop, mobiles, tablets, interactive in-store terminals).

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