Beware of phishing attacks !

Various fraudulent e-mails have recently been reported to us. They prompt our candidates to visit a fraud Clever Age site through a fake profile on Whatsapp.

What is phishing ?

This is a type of scam. The scammers pretend to be a trusted organization (Social Security, CAF, etc.), in order to extract your confidential account login information.

Clever Age never asks you for your bank details before the recruitment process. This is confidential information that should not be disclosed to anyone.

If you are approached by someone who claims to be a Clever Age recruiter and they ask you for this confidential information, you must be dealing with a scammer.

You can report it to the police or to your bank with a counter call, but under no circumstances should you give your code to anyone.

If you use Gmail, the platform offers pooling of spam emails. You can report the message as phishing.