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Easy Cash

Easy Cash is a franchised retail network specializing in the purchase and resale of second-hand goods. The chain was founded in 2001 and now has over 100 stores in France. Each store is managed independently (inventory, buy and sell prices etc.).

Already equipped with an e-commerce site that did not give entire satisfaction, Easy Cash commissioned Clever Age to provide guidance and support throughout the complete overhaul process. Clever Age started out with a scoping mission and was later entrusted with the project development and implementation mission. The site was launched in May 2014.

Major in its economic dimension, in the business solutions it must integrate and in the medium-term prospects it induces.

In this context, selecting the right partner was of primary importance.
A choice combining economic reason vs. a large budget, technical knowledge, responsiveness and delivery criteria, geographical proximity (guaranteeing a smooth workflow) and relational intelligence.

Clever Age matched all of these criteria and made it possible to create — collectively — the exact tool we needed.
All with a partnership quality that turned these hectic moments into a seamless, painless experience.


A Complete Overhaul

Developed in 2010, the previous site did not meet standard expectations in terms of performance and ranking and it was a major source of dissatisfaction :

  • on the purchasing side, the customer conversation system was tedious ;
  • the process of adding new products took too long ;
  • the design and customer experience did not match the brand image and the customer journey was poorly designed and unattractive.


The design phase was conducted with maximum involvement of all Easy Cash stakeholders and organized around co-creation workshops.

This approach made it possible to have committed teams on both sides, as well as effective communication combining digital and business expertise, and a clear understanding of all areas of the Easy Cash market reality.

The Reflection of the Easy Cash Brand

One of the site’s key objectives was to reflect the dual aspect of buying and selling while establishing the brand’s positioning.

A Powerful, Scalable Foundation

The goal of Easy Cash was to build a new e-commerce site operating on a powerful, scalable foundation that would be mobile-ready, based on an open-source solution supported by a large community, and structured around a marketplace format.