La Maison Eric Bompard announces the launch of its new e-commerce website with Clever Age

On the occasion of the launch of its new e-commerce website, La Maison Eric Bompard did not hesitate to share its satisfaction, through Jonathan Trepo, CEO of the Marco Polo company, via a linkedin post :

Without forgetting to mention Clever Age !




Very happy to announce the launch of the new ERIC BOMPARD eCommerce website

A new customer & mobile centric platform to accelerate the online development of the French king of cashmere.

An eCommerce shopping experience now best of class based on 4 principles :

  • Ultra-fast and intuitive mobile first navigation experience
  • Best services offer in the mesh market for payment, delivery, return and inboxing
  • Worldwide website accessible in more than 200 countries with localized purchasing experience, currency, payment method and local language
  • Promotion of collections, Eric Bompard quality standard, and Eric Bompard expertise and commitments in terms of sustainable fashion


Congratulations to the #EricBompard teams and the Digital Factory #CompagnieMarcoPolo

Congratulations also to all the contributors and partners of this project : #CleverAge, #NapoleonAgency, #Converteo #Globale #Salesforce #Adyen #Primelis #Diduenjoy

#EricBompard #CompagnieMarcoPolo #transformationdigitale #CachemireFamily #replatforming #CachemireDurable #DouceurUltime




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