Clever Forge

Where architecture consultants and digital project integrators meld into one

Omnichannel touch-points

  • Continuous front web / e-Commerce / services
  • Mobile B2B, B2C, B2B2C
  • B2B et B2C clienteling APP
  • Integration to Marketplace (Amazon, TMALL, ...)
  • Integration to Social platform (WeChat, Facebook, ...)
  • Digitization of points of sale

Services layer

  • Micro-service architecture
  • CMS / Website factory
  • Replateforming e-Commerce (headless architecture, O2O, POS architecture, omnichannel bargain, ...)
  • Omnnichannel OMS
  • CRM / PRM / loyalty
  • Digital marketing platform deployment

Master data

  • PIM / Suppliers portals / Integration to Marketplace
  • DAM / Pictures production line
  • B2B, B2C, B2B2C single view of the customer
  • Point of sale 360
  • MDM deployment
  • Integration with SI

Project steering

  • Digital transformation program management
  • Project design and Blueprint (Functional and technical architecture, platform selection...)
  • Agile project management and training
  • Stakeholders Management (DA, INT, ARCHI, DEV, DEVOPS, ...)
  • PMO / Reporting
  • Rollout management

Clever Forge is a consulting and technical development firm specialized in e-business project design.
Our teams of passionate Web professionals are comprised of architects, developers, project managers and specialists with multiple skills and knowledge of many technologies. This diversity creates a unique and powerful combination, far from the common perception of technical architecture consultancies.
Add to this our unwavering commitment to the quality and performance of our deliverables, as well as a pronounced taste for experimentation and knowledge sharing, and you have the perfect recipe for successful innovation !

A Unique Position in the Market

Transforming Organizations

  • Digital strategy guidance, from specification to implementation.
  • An independence and expertise that guarantee the sustainability of our clients’ investments.
  • A proven ability to transfer our strategic and technical knowledge.

Agile Methodologies

An efficient and trusting relationship through agile methodologies adapted to each context : innovative startups, omnichannel projects for multinational corporations…

Implementation and Solutions

  • An expertise covering all existing solutions and architectures.
  • Multi-talented collaborators who take on both consulting and implementation projects.
  • Independent and reliable intelligence, recognized in the market.

Quality, Security, Performance

  • A quality assurance process applied to all our creative projects.
  • Proactive handling of security issues and challenges.
  • An obsession with the performance of our systems.