Clever Presence

Comprehensive and sustainable expertise and consulting for your project, from concept to success.


  • Audit of processes automation
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment
  • Quality / Performance Control (scalability, security)
  • Monitoring / Alerting

Perf optimization and scalability

  • Audit of Performance
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Performance testing / scalability
  • Performance monitoring
  • Server architecture and sizing

Securing application platforms and infra

  • Security audits, pentests, intrusion tests
  • Log analysis "Forensic"
  • SSO
  • Digital security strategy
  • Support to the IS security officer
  • Establishment of a Security Insurance Plan
  • Compliance with OWASP standards

Infras / System / Cloud Expertise

  • Infrastructure expertise : load balancing, high availability, fail over, CDN ...
  • Server architecture and sizing
  • Microservices infrastructure
  • Cloud strategy / Rationalization
  • IaaS, PaaS, Serverless
  • SaaS solutions mapping
  • Cloud Managed Services (AWS, Cloud Platform, Azure, Digital Ocean ...)

Monitoring / alerting

  • System, application, business
  • Logs and dashboards
  • Performance
  • Email or SMS alerting

In our ever-changing world, ensuring the quality, performance, and security of projects is no longer an option.
Continuous integration and Deployment, Monitoring, Cloud Infrastructure, and Security are more necessary than ever to guarantee the success of your projects in the long run.
Clever Presence helps you implement these processes during all the phases of your projects.

Jean-Yves Gastaud Clever Presence Manager

Our focus: the Run Phase

1 Understand your current digital system : AUDIT

Analyze your current ecosystem, technologies, and development process to define a strategy that takes the context into account.

2 Define your roadmap : PROJECT SCOPING

Where do you want to go ? With which technical stack ? Which tools ? What is the roadmap ? All these questions are essential and we will go through them during collaborative workshops. Your internal experts and ours will work together to answer these questions the best possible way.

3 Set your project in motion : ONBOARDING

How to start your project in the best possible conditions ? How to add new participants to your projects in an efficient way ? How to guarantee a healthy codebase during the whole project ?

4 Realize your project : BUILD

In every project, our teams support and monitor the project progress in order to ensure continuous process optimization.

5 Manage your digital system : RUN

The industrialization of processes that led to the success of your project can be applied to your whole system.

We help you during this transition phase and ensure the training of your internal teams.