Clever Presence

Comprehensive and sustainable expertise and consulting for your project, from concept to success.


  • Audit of processes automation
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment
  • Quality / Performance Control (scalability, security)
  • Monitoring / Alerting

Perf optimization and scalability

  • Audit of Performance
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Performance testing / scalability
  • Performance monitoring
  • Server architecture and sizing

Securing application platforms and infra

  • Security audits, pentests, intrusion tests
  • Log analysis "Forensic"
  • SSO
  • Digital security strategy
  • Support to the IS security officer
  • Establishment of a Security Insurance Plan
  • Compliance with OWASP standards

Infras / System / Cloud Expertise

  • Infrastructure expertise : load balancing, high availability, fail over, CDN ...
  • Server architecture and sizing
  • Microservices infrastructure
  • Cloud strategy / Rationalization
  • IaaS, PaaS, Serverless
  • SaaS solutions mapping
  • Cloud Managed Services (AWS, Cloud Platform, Azure, Digital Ocean ...)

Monitoring / alerting

  • System, application, business
  • Logs and dashboards
  • Performance
  • Email or SMS alerting

We deeply believe that prevention is better than cure. Our involvement from the early stages of the project guarantees that all stakeholders feel confident about the operational follow-up and its optimization.

Jean-Michel Serveaux Project Manager Clever Presence

Our Expertise: the Run Phase

By Your Side at All Times

  • A relationship based on dialogue and communication.
  • Dedicated tools for exchanging information.
  • Sharp analysis and effective counseling focused on your requirements.
  • Robust technical expertise built on the competency of the Clever Age team.