Clever Age is now one of the top Opquast Certified companies

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The Opquast certification is a skills test on 1000 points based on a multiple choice form. It is aimed at evaluating the level of proficiency with the web best practices of web professionals.

23 certified consultants including 11 experts at Clever Age

With 23 certified people, including 11 experts, Clever Age asserts its Web quality skills and guarantees the implementation of projects that comply with the web best practices.

“ Out of more than 1,000 certified employees, 2 Clever Age collaborators take the 2nd and 3rd place! ”

Clever Age has been involved in a quality assurance approach for several years with the Opquast repository.

This repository made by web professionals for web professionals gathers 226 good practices in its current version (V3). These good practices answer the following question: Are there realistic, verifiable, and international rules for web quality which achieve consensus within the web professionals community?

It’s thus a transversal checklist that gathers good practices related to ergonomics, web performance, accessibility, SEO, etc.

Clever Institut is an Opquast partner

Clever Institut, the training organization of Clever Age, now offers two Opquast certification training programs in its catalog:

“ These trainings allow you to prepare and pass the Opquast certification in the best conditions. ”

They last 1 to 3 days and are led by Opquast experts. They include:

  • A copy of the book “Qualité web: les meilleures pratiques” (“Web Quality : the best practices”)
  • An access during one month to the certification training platform
  • The certification exam

“ The Web is constantly evolving because technologies are increasingly complex and new uses are emerging. In this context, the Opquast checklists allow to monitor and ensure the service quality. It’s a global quality approach that directly enriches the user experience. ” 

Olivier Keul, Web Quality Manager, Clever Age

“ The issue of quality and accessibility of sites produced by teams has always been crucial for Clever Age. Clever Age is one of the oldest partners in the Opquast project, which I have been running for several years.
Today, websites are browsed in a wide variety of contexts, with many different hardwares and softwares. Web projects are becoming more and more professional and strategic, so it’s important to anticipate as much as possible the risks and the access difficulties for the users.
SEO, performance, accessibility, security, mobile context, transactions, content … nothing can be left to chance. When we made the choice to create “Opquast certified”, the skills certification dedicated to risk control of the Web project, Clever Age teams were among the first to participate. One of the Clever Age objectives was to share and consolidate a common culture and to have it recognized by the company’s customers. With 21 people certified, Clever Age is one of the leading providers of qualitative web services. I thank them and congratulate them. ” 

Elie Sloïm, Opquast CEO