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Customer challenges
  • Expand / Streamline my product / service offering
  • Facilitate the referencing of my suppliers
  • Structure my data
  • Accelerate the commercialization of new products
  • Automate catalog management
  • Expand my distribution channels (marketplaces, etc.)
  • Data modeling and repository design
  • Choice and implementation of PIM/DAM/MDM solution
  • Assistance in the creation of standardized exports (FabDis, GS1, marketplace,…)
  • Print process automation
  • Setting up a supplier portal

Catalog management (PIM / MDM /DAM) and governance

Creating value in product information management by making it accessible and easily understandable to end users is one of our missions.

Our primary goal is to showcase your offerings and reduce time-to-market by utilizing powerful PIM, DAM, and MDM tools such as Afineo, Akeneo, and Semarchy.

In addition to managing your product catalogs, we place great importance on product data governance. This ensures the quality and consistency of your product information, ensuring that all product information is up-to-date, reliable, and coherent.

Our approach is not to dictate your strategy. We build it together by carefully listening to user expectations, your strategic objectives, the constraints of your digital ecosystem, as well as technical challenges and feasibility.


Inventory management

With the development of omnichannel and multi-stakeholder activities (such as marketplaces and dropshipping), inventory management has become a central concern. How can we closely track stock movements to align with the reality? How can we aggregate sales stocks? How do we effectively manage stock thresholds to avoid both overstocking and stockouts? How can we efficiently integrate multi-warehouse product returns?

We provide assistance to companies in analyzing their business needs and the operational implications for stock management. We define the necessary data flows between Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and other SI tools, such as e-commerce sites, Order Management Systems (OMS), ERPs, and support centers.



– Management of large imports: Incoterms, container-based logistics units (bulk/parcel), freight forwarder, customs nomenclature.
– Management of transportation costs for inbound logistics: direct to store, direct to customer, via platform (consolidation, cross-docking, storage).
– Management of transportation costs for direct supplier-delivered dropshipping.
– Management of road transport restrictions for hazardous products (CAS number, ADR placard, UN coding).

Logistics, Docking

Logistics encompasses various activities and tools that cover product sourcing, storage, order preparation, product shipping, returns, and more. It is often referred to as a “logistics chain” because the different aspects are closely interconnected, and efficiency is key to achieving successful outcomes.

We delve into each link of this chain and offer improvement strategies, including process optimization, automation tools, shared data models, adherence to norms and standards, and reducing the logistics’ ecological footprint.

Marketplace & Supplier Portal

In 2022, marketplaces (multi-vendor e-commerce platforms) accounted for two-thirds of the total global e-commerce revenue. It is logical that this model is increasingly attracting future operators/brands seeking to establish their presence in their respective sectors. While B2C marketplaces are already well-established, it is the B2B sector that is expected to derive significant benefits from this model in the very near future (so close that it is already happening), as well as C2C marketplaces.

We provide support to e-commerce players in creating their platform from scratch or transitioning from an e-commerce merchant to a marketplace operator. Our services include:

  • Envisioning the entire company’s engagement in this new activity.
  • Executing technical integrations (e-commerce, IT systems, marketplace solutions, third-party services, etc.).
  • Providing day-to-day guidance throughout the project to effectively incorporate the concepts inherent to this type of project.