« Choose the territory of legitimacy for my brand and perform on it »

Customer challenges
  • Internally: Recruit collaborators (employer brand), retain them / communicate
  • Reposition my brand, improve its image and develop its notoriety
  • Increase leads, have a better knowledge of my targets and convert them
  • Communicate in a personalized way with my clients and develop my community
  • Launch a new product / service / brand, structure my offer
  • Optimize my conversion rate, measure the effectiveness of my marketing actions
  • Compliance of my site with the legislation (RGPD, A11Y, …)
Our solutions
  • Brand platform: Visual identity, communication concept, …
  • User experience: Journey, Personas, UX/UI, …
  • Referencing: SEO, Social Ads / Google Ads, …
  • Marketing: com plan, campaign management, marketing automation, etc.
  • Public speaking (content strategy): content production, video/motion, influence, social media, etc.
  • Analysis: Web Analytics and reporting, Audit and compliance recommendations

Social media

Film & Video – Motion Design – Social Media – Influence – Design & Writing

The right content, to the right person, at the right time.

The production of content and its social media application should nourish a brand’s reputation and notoriety, but most importantly, its business success.

In support of a digital platform, to activate a physical point of sale, or simply to develop communities that generate business, there are numerous opportunities for our teams to ambitiously support the brands that trust us.

Through customized strategies for each of our clients, our department focuses its recommendations and applications on the profitability of the actions taken and the memorability of the produced content.

Brand & Strategy

Brand Platform – Branding – Persona & Brand Persona – Communication Strategy – Offer Marketing
With extensive experience, we have been dedicated to supporting clients across diverse industries and varying company sizes in the meticulous development of their brand identity and strategy. Our commitment to crafting effective communication strategies is founded on a profound grasp of two pivotal elements: the brand’s inherent DNA, as exemplified through the brand platform, and a comprehensive understanding of the target audience, leveraging the UX approach.
Building upon this foundation, we seamlessly proceed to define compelling key messages, curate a captivating brand universe, and execute a strategic array of communication initiatives outlined in our ROI-driven communication plan. Our approach is underpinned by a time-tested methodology, delivering a communication strategy that is both relevant and impactful.

Sales performance

Search Engine Optimization – Data Collection – Conversion Optimization – Analysis and Dashboards

In an ever-changing economic world, where resources are limited and internal teams are under pressure to improve their results, it is crucial to have reliable data to make informed strategic decisions.

Instead of offering ready-to-use solutions or making assumptions, we utilize tools and data to understand customer behaviors, identify pain points, highlight improvement opportunities, and propose concrete solutions to test. Our goal is to remain aligned with your business objectives and closely monitor the evolution of your key indicators in a continuous improvement approach.

We will implement tailor-made solutions, leveraging data to provide you with concrete recommendations and optimization measures adapted to your business.


Web & UX Design

UX Strategy – User Experience – UX Interface – Design System

Our mission is to create value in information manipulation and make information accessible and easily understandable to the end user. We propose a pragmatic approach that takes into account user expectations, your strategic objectives, the constraints of your digital ecosystem, technical challenges, and feasibility. Our primary goal is to generate leads by clarifying your offering and enhancing your brand visibility. We provide support from conception to implementation, including the definition of your design system. Our approach is not to dictate your strategy; instead, we collaborate with you to build it together.


Compliance (Accessibility , GDPR…)

Accessibility Audits (RGAA, WCAG) – Analysis and Dashboards – Consulting – Risk Management – Team Training and Skill Development

Accessibility is primarily about considering the needs of all users, regardless of their context.

It is also a legal requirement, both in France and in the USA, where the number of discrimination lawsuits continues to rise.

No matter your audience or presence, we are here to advise and support you in determining the appropriate strategy and achievable goals to pursue.

Web site factory & Content management

Content management is a crucial challenge for organizations and serves as a valuable asset in optimizing the customer experience.

From content consolidation to managing a “site factory,” there are numerous solutions available, and effective governance capabilities for administration are a mastered key aspect.

Clever Age’s extensive expertise in these areas, encompassing both technical aspects and team organization, ensures the successful launch of numerous content sites across multiple brands, countries, events, and more. This seamless management empowers business teams with effortless day-to-day operations while delivering unparalleled web performance.