« Optimize and make complementary Online & In-store sales of products and services »

Customer challenges
  • Replatform my e-commerce
  • Optimize my in-store sales (connected seller tools, offer extension)
  • Improve the experience of my customers in store (clienteling, queue boosting, NCU…)
  • Offer differentiating services (personalized merchandising, appointment booking, etc.)
  • Unify my stores and e-commerce stocks
  • Choice and integration of unified commerce / marketplace / OMS solution
  • Implementation of alternative sales channels: corner store, seller applications, second hand, subscriptions, etc.
  • Audit and improvement of technical performance
  • Development of connectors

eCommerce Orchestration

We combine our expertise in strategic consulting and technical implementation to assist you in developing tailor-made e-commerce orchestration solutions. These solutions are built on industry-leading tools to harmonize your customer interactions across all touchpoints.

Our omnichannel approach encompasses every aspect of your business, providing a seamless and consistent customer experience while optimizing your internal operations for enhanced performance. Whether you require a unified inventory, click & collect, e-reservation, order in store, “ship from store” capabilities, or a unified returns policy, or if you want to implement connected in-store corners, we have extensive experience working with major global enterprises on such projects.


Empowerment of professions

The key to an agile and responsive company lies in the independence of its business services from its technical services.

With our expertise in consulting and implementation, we can assist you in establishing efficient and intuitive solutions for product and customer management. We also offer modules for integrating third-party services such as personalization, media generation, intelligent search, and automation with your information system.

It is essential for the business to have the capability to take the lead while staying at the forefront of unified commerce technologies.


Optimization of online/offline customer journeys

The optimization of online/offline customer journeys, also known as unified commerce, aims to create a consistent and seamless experience for customers, whether they interact with a company online or in-person at a physical store.

This approach acknowledges that today’s customers utilize multiple channels to engage with a brand and make purchases. The primary objective of unified commerce is to remove barriers between channels by effectively integrating online and offline experiences, thereby providing customers with a seamless and personalized experience.


Headless Omni-Channel Services (WHO, Pricing Engine…)

Clever Age offers a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation services for headless Omni-Channel Solutions, catering to businesses looking to modernize their online commerce strategy.

For instance, we specialize in migrating your websites to a headless architecture and deploying a highly customizable pricing engine and integrated order management system. We also excel in centralized inventory management and reverse logistics to enhance flexibility and scalability.

Our expert teams in the field of online commerce can assist you in implementing a unified payment system for a smoother customer experience. Join the ranks of numerous businesses that have chosen Clever Age for their (e-)commerce strategy and enhance your customers’ experience today.