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Paris, April 18, 2017 – Today Clever Age announced the acquisition of CleverToday, created by Alexandre Gonzalez, Eric Giovannetti and Brice Argenson in March 2015.

Located in Montréal, CleverToday has about 15 consultants specialized in consulting, development and digital strategy. CleverToday pays special attention to transparency towards its customers. They work closely with them to meet their business needs and to ensure successful achievements.

Clever Age and CleverToday are driven by the same values. The strategic stakes of their customers is their top priority when providing their omnicanal eCommerce and eBusiness expertise.

With this acquisition, Clever Age gains a foothold in the American continent and confirms its presence on the local market.

With now over 250 experts, the Group secures its position as a major reference to assist companies end to end and implement their digital strategy. Clever Age activities cover the entire digital chain, consulting, design and development through various entities :

  • “Be-Clever” for digital strategy consulting and assistance, omni-channel e-commerce expertise, digital transformation, …
  • “Clever Garden” for Front, User eXperience, HTML/RWD integration, quality expertise, native multi-device user interface,
  • “Clever Forge” for architecture choices recommendations, management and delivery of complex Web projects,
  • “Clever Presence” for the run of cross-canal devices in production on the IT side as well as the marketing operations side.

Clever Age and CleverToday do not only share the same qualifying adjective. We also share a common vision of our businesses, vision which is intimately linked to our DNA. We are both born in the digital world with a lag of almost a generation but with a common baseline – a company that mixes digital cocktails and is 100% independent.The primary objective of this merge is part of this momentum: to join forces to address the Canada / US East Coast markets and strengthen our status of a 100% independent global player, born in a digital world.”

Frédéric Bon, CEO of the Clever Age group

He adds: “With the rise of digital concerns at the highest level of decision-making, our clients need to rely on global partners. This growth of the omnichannel need brought our market into a whole new era. Many of our competitors merge with traditional actors born at the time of client-server, offline communication…. We chose to rebuild the landscape by federating the strongest “native” assets of our ecosystem, such as CleverToday.

We now share our GAO (Great Ambitious Objective): bring about from our « Web oldies » generation a global scale leader covering the digital chain, from consultancy to implementation (e-commerce, PIM/DAM, CIAM/CRM, Marketing Automation, Mobile, …).

Having a strong presence in Europe, Asia and North America, we are mainly focusing on accelerating our organic expansion while remaining uncompromising regarding our values :

  • Independence, vital to consultancy
  • Conviction, essential to our deliverables
  • Long-term vision which assesses the impact of our client’s achievements”

“The team, Brice, Eric and I are delighted to join Clever Age, with whom we share the values, ambition and pleasure to deliver a high-quality and well-done job.
This is the beginning of a new adventure and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to enrich our range of skills and to continue to increase the added value that we offer to all our customers. Supported by a dream team of 250 people around the world, we are very excited to go further, on our current line of business as well as on new lines of business.
CleverToday becomes Clever Age North America but we keep the team that made us successful and we remain… “Clever” above all!”

Alexandre Gonzalez, CEO CleverToday

About Clever Age :

Our positioning is firmly 100% digital. Our experts in interactive communications, technical architecture and production infrastructure operate at every stage of the production chain. Our customers have therefore teams of more than 250 Web professionals assisting them on their strategic projects coordinated by experienced project managers undertaking a proven methodology.

Since the creation of the company in 2001 we exclusively work on Web and mobile projects. The growth of the company has always been done in keeping with our three founding principles :

  • Independence : we advise our customers in the strategic choices they can make with no external pressure whatsoever
  • Monitoring : our field requires us to maintain a continuous « informed » monitoring in order to set convictions to prevent our customers from heading to the wrong path and to seize opportunities
  • Durability : our goal is not to « make one shots » but to implement long-term efficient measures


Based in Montreal, CleverToday is a digital agency that provides tailored solutions ranging from consulting, web development and mobile applications to training and analytics.

We work on four different axes :

  1. From showcase websites to eCommerce sites with millions of visitors
  2. From Analytics training to more technical web development workshops
  3. From benchmarkings to complex studies of competition and market analysis
  4. From web analysis to life-cycle and cohort studies

Our methodology is to work hand in hand with our clients by analyzing and defining the right strategies upstream to ensure quality projects and results. Most of all, we want to be transparent.

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