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Clever Age organizes different events all along the year. Find below a resume of our latest events in 2019.

Panel Discussion on B2B e-commerce – May 31st

Clever Age participated in an internal Panel Discussion organized by Schneider Electric on B2B e-commerce. The objective was to look at B2B e-commerce trends, especially in Asia, and discuss the digital strategies to adopt in order to thrive in the Electric Distribution industry.

Photo of Clever Age event
Photo of Clever Age event

Seminar on Omnichannel – Singapore – September 7th

Clever Age animated a seminar for Cartier SEA team in Singapore. The aim was to understand how to address omnichannel challenges in the retail industry, with an emphasis on digital marketing, customer relationship, and data management.

Breakfast Talk – Engage Customers at every stage of their lifecycle – Hong Kong – October 23rd

Clever Age collaborated with Session M to deliver a talk on the concepts of Customer Lifecycle and how to drive Customer Engagement. We gave insights on market best practices, and on how to achieve growth and retention objectives by leveraging data.

Photo of Clever Age event
Photo of Clever Age event

Breakfast Talk – Leverage Technology to Truly Address Omni-channel – Hong Kong – November 22nd

Clever Age co-organized this Breakfast talk with Informatica to discuss the challenge of offering a consistent customer experience across channels. We shared our vision on which solutions companies need to set-up to truly address omnichannel, as well as an overview of the existing technology landscape to support these strategies.

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