Five digital trends in Asia in 2022

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Below are the five technology trends that are expected to thrive in 2022, according to Clever Age. For a broader view of the year ahead, take a look at what our experts are thinking in this article.

CDP : Customer Data Platform

The combination of the uncertainty of the current pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the impending end of third-party cookies has made customer data platforms (CDPs) an essential part of marketers’ technology portfolios. As a result, CDP has seen solid growth in the past two years, which will continue in 2022 as highlighted in the article “4 CDP Trends That Will Drive the Industry in 2022”. The CDP softwares helps businesses and marketers to bring together all the scattered data into one centralized platform in real-time. Unlike CRM, CDP contains Customers, Prospects and Unknown profiles data that come from various touchpoints and allows for segmentation, which is critical for creating personalized marketing campaigns and getting a better understanding of the customer experience to drive deeper engagement and increase sales. Clever Age Asia supported some major players in the cosmetics market, such as l’Oreal for adopting this new approach of retargeting.

PIM : Product Information Management

Product Information Management (aka PIM) solutions have become in recent years an essential part of a modern enterprise information system. The PIM is the place for your editorial teams to supplement and structure your ERP product data with rich descriptions, media, or any data that may be relevant to your end users. Thanks to its user-friendly interface the PIM allows several teams to collaborate in a streamlined workflow or even to delegate to suppliers. The latest PIM trend is the ability to syndicate your content to various destinations such as marketplaces and social selling sites so that your content is always up-to-date on all your touch points. Clever Age has extensive experience with the key PIM solutions on the market and will be able to accompany you in choosing the right solution for your needs as well as setting it up. Please read our short list of article about connectors between the main solutions on the market and do not hesitate to get in touch should you need further information!

MACH Architecture

Technologies have evolved a lot in the last 20 years, and the “MACH” architectures have gradually become a center of the reflection for next generation architecture. MACH architectures have several objectives, such as taking advantage of all the developments brought by the Cloud on the one hand, and by all the DevOps tools and processes on the other. Thus, the management of the development and deployment lifecycle is industrialized, automated, and of better quality. These architectures allow for immediate or recurring, regular deployment, and thus provide agility in the ability to deliver as often as desired, good integration with an agile methodology and its regular deliveries, and flexibility to deliver – modify – and re-deliver without additional effort. A full article written by Clever Age is available on this growing trend in 2022.

Increase in demand for B2B digital services

We have seen an acceleration of the digital adoption amongst B2B players at various levels of their internal and with their partners ecosystem. Focusing on creating B2C-like omnichannel experiences for shoppers, acceleration of online marketplaces, mobile commerce, customer personalization, launching a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Channel and integration of systems for multi-channel selling. The increase of self-services, rich content (educational video), loyalty and efficient fulfillment end to end process are strategic focus.

After the Micro-Services, a new road with the Micro-frontends ?

Micro-services have helped many companies to rethink their architecture and the way to be more productive with back-end development. The trend of micro related to the Front End is in progress, helping companies to redesign their front end applications with a composition of features that independent teams can release.

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