Happy new year 2018 !

All Clever contributors and myself whish you a beautiful and happy new year 2018. In the hope that your projects will succeed and your goals will be accomplished.

Frédéric Bon, CEO Clever Age

Textual transcription of the video

Clever Age wishes you a happy year 2018.

In 2017, we supported you with… :

  • Our technology watch ;
  • Some of our 2017 proudest achievements (TV5Monde Afrique, Longchamp, Legrand,) ;
  • Our passionate team ;
  • Our events (GDPR, Drupal 8, CIAM, PIM, Magenta 2, DAM, Digital transformation, etc).

In 2018, Clever Age will continue to address essential topics for your transformation to create value for your business :

  • devOps ;
  • PWA ;
  • PIM ;
  • GDPR ;
  • omnichanel e-commerce ;
  • DAM ;
  • CIAM ;
  • CMS ;
  • mobile first ;
  • web performance ;
  • UX design ;
  • accessibility ;
  • responsive web design ;
  • digital marketing ;
  • agility ;
  • microservices ;
  • digital transformation;
  • architecture ;
  • front-end development ;
  • back-end development ;
  • SEO ;
  • consulting.

Just like in 2001, be prepared to sharpen your digital strategy.

Clever Age, helps you setting the foundations to your digital transformation !

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