Webinar replay : Understanding China’s eCommerce Playbook

The webinar was held by the General Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, with our partner LinkByNet.

With the rapidly rising of China’s middle-class segment, increasing disposable income, and policies backed by the Chinese government, e-commerce and digitalization possess immense potential for international companies to tap into China’s domestic market.

However, this endeavor is easier said than done, providing many challenges for the e-commerce players and multinational enterprises when dealing with the great firewall of China and other digital constraints.

During this session, Olivier Durand, e-commerce Senior Consultant – Clever Age Asia and Franck Chevallier, APAC Head of Presales and Solution – Linkbynet presented on :

  • Key challenges (Great firewall, Cyberlaw, ICP license, geography….) for e-commerce sites in China
  • Different approaches to the infrastructure
  • Hands-on case studies to help navigate the Chinese market successfully
  • Key technical concepts and their constraints when dealing with China
  • How to improve conversion rates by making sound and rational technical decisions to ensure customers are not penalized by poor user experience

Thank you to our speakers and participants !

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