Opquast: 10 years’ collaboration with Clever Age

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Opquast (Open Quality Standards) is a certification organization. The Opquast certification takes the form of an MCQ, made by AND for Web professionals, to measure the degree of quality control in Web projects.

Clever Age is now and has been for 10 years, a founding partner of Opquast, the Web quality being essential to guarantee an ethical service around the good Web practices.

This is why Clever Age offers all its employees access to Opquast certification!
Today, 87 of our Clever Age employees are Opquast certified, and we are proud of it!

This certification allows you to :

  • Know the vocabulary and the business of the Web project
  • Take into account the diversity and requirements of users
  • Know the best practices, their design, and their use
  • Use a Web quality checklist
  • Prevent risks, reinforce Web quality assurance

A 1h30 exam at the end of the training course determines the success of the course. The minimum score is 500 points. Beyond that, the score to aim for depends on the job and the objectives of each person.

For almost 10 years, Clever Age has followed and supported Opquast as a privileged partner. Even today, Clever Age is the agency with the most Opquast certified staff. The two companies work together on a daily basis to support the industrialization of the Web sector and to continue the development of Web quality assurance for advertisers and clients.
Thank you to Clever Age’s management and operational teams for their loyalty and commitment to a better Web.

Elie Sloïm, President of Opquast