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Context of the project

botanic® wished to recast their e-commerce platform and to review the entirety of their digital ecosystem to face the challenges of the omnichannel, user experience and improvement of daily life of their employees.

Customer’s request

To build an e-commerce platform which allows:

  • To offer a strong customer experience with coverage of all omnichannel routes
  • To ensure a fluid, fast and secure e-commerce route
  • innovative systems for its customers
  • powerful tools for operational management, route personalisation
  • scalability and continuous improvement

Project description

Functional and technical workshops allowed to establish the bases of the project.

Graphic design was realised by Jaune, Clever Age’s communication agency

Technical details of the realisation:

  • E-commerce and OMS: Proximis
  • PSP Lyra
  • Zendesk customer form
  • Customer opinions – Avis vérifiés
  • Meetings system with Booxi
  • Capency Address Straightening
  • Routes personalisation with Target2Sell
  • Dematerialized loyalty card with Capitaine Wallet
  • Carrier: Colissimo, Colissimo Relais, Geodis, Fedex
Référence Botanic
Référence Botanic

It was necessary to integrate into different projects led in parallel to botanic®, notably with the replacement of the omnichannel promotion engine between the shop and the web, and the PIM project. Coordination between the botanic® teams and Clever Age allowed the realisation of the project despite an expansion and complexity of its scope.

The next step will be the release of the Médor et Compagnie site (site specialising in pet products) based on the botanic® site.

  • Booxi service reservation engine

  • Integration of a promotions engine

  • omnichannel

  • OMS

  • Personalization of journeys with Target2Sell

  • PIM

  • PSP Lyra

  • Unified cart