Business Analyst Consulting

Customer Background

HDBank was established in 1990 as one of the first commercial banks in Vietnam. After nearly 30 years in operation, the Bank currently ranks as one of the top banks in Vietnam and is reaching out for the world.
The bank managed 285 branches, which allowed it to serve 7 million customers.

Project context

To help them in their digital transformation, HDBank -retail banking asked Clever Age to design the future interface of the corporate banking website and application.

Our UX/UI designers worked collaboratively with HDBank on a mindmap, and wireframes before to design all the screens (Home page, and product pages).


Clever Age was consulted for 2 different missions:

  • Process optimization and digitalization for Retail banking
  • UX/UI design for Corporate banking

The main objectives for HDBank is to transform the business model and enhance the digital transformation using innovation to acquire more customers, and innovate to be paperless

How to reach these objectives ?

  • Develop a proactive MASS SALES STRATEGY 
    • with digital marketing to improve customer acquisition, Enhance Data collection, 
    • Transform traditional process into digital SMART PROCESSES
  • Deploy QUICK WINS – innovate with digital solutions

Our work 


During the scoping phase, the main objective was to describe and understand the current processes in retail banking to identify what are the non-added value steps. 

HDBank team has been trained to use the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) methodology to describe and analyse the processes.

Several processes were into the scope :

  • Loan management process
  • On-boarding process
  • Marketing process

A few technical tools has been identified to improve process performance, and the customer journey:

  • RPA, Robotic process automation to avoid mistakes, and to reduce manual tasks
  • Hybrid Chatbot bases on IA,  to automatically answer to basic questions (FAQ)
  • Digital signature ; to use less paper

Clever Age supported HDBank in the RFI/RFP process to select the best solutions that address HDBank needs.

The chatbot solution has been tested through a POC, using some KPIs to measure the performance.


Before starting the UX/UI design phase, Clever Age carried out a benchmark for corporate banking based on predefined criterias (product & services offer, digital tools, online services…). We selected major international corporate banks and compared their digital services offer proposed on their website and application.

It allows HDBank to define their targeted offer they wanted to deploy: they identified which corporate products and online services to develop, following their strategy.