Consultancy study for Narrative 4

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Narrative 4 is a global organization driven by artists, shaped by educators, and led by students. Their core methodology is the story exchange, which is designed to help students understand that their voices, stories, actions, and lives matter, and that they have the power to change, rebuild and revolutionize systems. In addition to storytelling, other actions are conducted such as civic engagement and also support from artist networks.


Currently, Narrative4 (N4) with 150+ Schools, 2000+ teachers, associated contractors, staff members, and donors have today limited digital capabilities to interact, engage and reach students, schools, donors etc.. due to siloed legacy platforms.
N4 does not have a modern digital infrastructure to scale the business model, capture data, and engage the community (interact, schedule, share..).


Clever Age was selected to advise Narrative4 on the future digital strategy, customer journey, roadmap, platforms to revamp the legacy platforms with the ambition to scale the model.

Our consulting entity « Be Clever Consulting » intervenes in strategic missions.
The objectives were to:

  • Understand the current environment, business requirements through interviews/workshops
  • Define the ideal customer journey mapping and functional architecture vision
  • Identify Gap Analysis, recommend platforms, shortlist and recommend vendors
  • Define the rollout plan for the first deployment phase 1 and 2

The platforms studied are:

  • Customer Data
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer Identity Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Content Management
  • Payment Gateway

We are very pleased to have completed this mission and are ready to move forward with the implementation.

“Clever Age has done a great job in understanding our business model and priorities. Their recommended digital infrastructure will help to accelerate the scale-up of N4 programs, enabling us to build a Global community of students and teachers. The team is not only competent but also great to work with. I would like to thank them for their contribution to help achieve N4’s strategic objective”

Gautam Gangoli, Chief Operating Officer, Narrative 4