Development of an interactive platform

Weight Watchers Canada offers a wide selection of programs, publications, and products for people looking to lose or control their weight. The company provides its members with a flexible, self managed program based on points, supported by weekly meetings, and with the help of online resources, and specific products (recipe books, calculators, personal scales, food products, or meals sold in groceries stores).

Context of the #BETYOU10LBS campaign

For the first time, Weight Watchers is offering a free program that challenges participants to lose ten pounds in two months. This campaign, #BetYou10lbs aims to bring in new, motivated participants and completes the service line, typically made up of paid programs.

In collaboration with FCB Montreal, CleverToday Inc. Clever Age Group, developed the entirety of the program’s new site, and provided its technical and design expertise in order to create a new platform that supports Weight Watcher’s massive, multi-platform campaign (TV, online video, landing pages, etc.).

Motivating participants with an intuitive and playful experience

The platform was designed to be playful and includes game design elements. From the get-go, once a user registers, they’re presented with a quiz to identify their “type,” which encourages them to complete challenges based on the results. They can then choose to share the challenges they’ve completed with their friend networks.

The visual identity of the website built upon a substantial reworking of the brand guide in order to better adapt it to the realities of the web—including colour codes and icons for each section of the site. The video on the home page references the previously launched TV and YouTube ad campaign to ensure visual coherency.

Developing an interactive platform from scratch

We followed the weight management program with a logical interplay of game design elements. On top of the WordPress foundation, we developed the quiz and challenge system from A to Z (challenges related to results, profile statistics, etc.), and a integrated a made-to-measure social content aggregation system (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

The servers were also tested to make sure they could handle traffic exceeding several million visitors. In this vein, Google Analytics was included and configured to follow the ebbs and flows of traffic and conversion rates.

Services provided

  • UX and UI design
  • Implementation
  • Web application development
  • Custom Node.js service development with NoSQL database
  • Integration and configuration of Google Analytics
  • SEO