Digital Marketing Industrialization Project

  • #Communication, Marketing and Sales Performance

Pernod Ricard, with a global presence across multiple brands, would like to expand their presence in Asia by recruiting new consumers and developping advocacy through digital channels and O2O intiatives, as part of a Regional Digital Lab initiative.

Our mission :

Clever Age was involved in designing and building an end to end integrated and automated marketing campaign leveraging digital channels with 4 main objectives:

  1. Measure traffic and channels attributions – thanks to end to end lead tracking – to capture key insights to maximize future campaigns ROI
  2. Foster an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to digital – start testing new concepts such as e-couponing and A/B testing
  3. Accelerate and industrialize customer data capture to build the CRM database
  4. Build in-house capability for maximum re-use (e.g. Campaign template, content sharing)