Digital redesign of Ceva’s Intranet

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Ceva’s intranet system, named Galaxy, is a tool implemented in the group 10 years ago (under eZ publish). An important update was deployed in 2014 through the launch of Galaxy Explorer and its search engine (exalead). The UI of this system  has not been changed since 2010.

Its main function is to spread corporate information (in French and English), local information (in the country’s language or by default in English) and product information (veterinarians, specific field…) to all Ceva Group employees (100% of the workforce).

Galaxy Explorer has been set up with a specific and different design from Galaxy which is displayed on the opening page of all Ceva’s employees. Corporate and local information come from Galaxy, and the search engine brings up information from other internal sites or external sources (depending on admin rights).

After two years of using Galaxy Explorer, the confusion between those tools was problematic.

The intranet was getting too old and no longer adapted to the Ceva group evolution. In fact, the number of employees has increased internationally from 500 to more than 5000 in 10 years.

The new intranet, renamed One Ceva, aims to enhance and centralize those two aging tools (Galaxy and Galaxy Explorer) by removing the confusion created by this double tool.


Ceva chose Clever Age to revamp the whole intranet tool:

1. Analysis of the 2 existing tools and proposal of solutions architectural (menu, classification) and directions to highlight the different types of information:

  • Classification of information (with or without menu)
  • Read and search for information/archives (text, images, videos, etc.) must be quick, easy and user friendly
  • Customization of the view page according to the local sites by keeping a  version history

2. UI/UX, home page and research results pages: new design suggestion for the different functionalities:

  • Article (text) display
  • Media display
  • Video display
  • Rss type display, widgets, social networks

3. Responsive design, mobile first approach
4. Newsletter
5. Mobile application for sharing news  under consideration