Duty free promotions automation for Lagardère Travel Retail

Air travellers expect a unified customer experience online and in store. However, the current eCommerce strategy of Aelia Duty Free (subsidiary of Lagardère Group) did not reflect business operations run in brick-and-mortar stores.

Thus Lagardère Travel Retail launched a promotions automation project consisting in setting up an automated mechanism to make in-store promotions available on the website and on other digital platforms (in priority on applications designed for sales associates B2B2C).

Other strategy topics for Lagardère Travel Retail and Aéroport de Paris rely on this promotions, for instance: the implementation of an in-store interactive kiosk in 2017.

A functional scoping phase has been conducted at Lagardère Travel Retail which selected Clever Age Group to implement the promotions automation.

Challenges of the project :

  • Increase significatively revenues by targeting the same financial results as in-store promotions
  • Quickly validate the implementation of promotions on the complete chain (ERP to B2B2C app)
  • Integrate with a new partner able to take on the overall setup (BO Magento / Webservices / Mobile apps)
  • Deploy more iterative and agile processes

Mission :

The mission covers the whole “Promotions Automation” project :

  1. Promotions repository
  2. Promotions setup
  3. Impacts FO Magento
  4. Impacts webservices

And it would cover the following phases: specifications and design of the solutions, developments, support and delivery and production launch.