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Context and customer’s request

Fayat, the leading French independent construction group and global leader in road equipment, asked Clever Age to help them for the transition from a factory of websites on Drupal to a new solution that meets the constraints of their site’s implementation, the core business of each of the factory’s sites, and the business constraints of the various sectors of the Fayat group. Ibexa quickly emerged as the ideal solution for this redesign to address technical challenges and facilitate the contribution of all profiles, more or less familiar with the “web,” thanks in particular to its page builder.

3 following primordial points:

  • Optimisation of Front performances
  • Optimisation SEO
  • Facility of contribution allowing to load every profile type

The major challenge was getting contributors on board with the solution, because Fayat aims to switch over 64 sites and as many contacts within 4 months.

Description of the project

  • 3 months of designing with about ten workshops
  • 5 months of realisation
  • 1 month of recipe

Delivery of the first group site in June

  • 3 months of contribution

Delivery of last websites in late October

Observed results

Refonte Ibexa

Following the redesign, multiple templates were created, allowing to identify different entities of Fayat. The Group website https://fayat.com/ allows to access the entirety of entities by going through divisions (ex : https://batiment.fayat.com/)  to different subsidiaries (ex : https://marini.fayat.com/) notable through the implantation page.

The contribution has been optimised allowing us to successfully meet the initial schedules by switching from 0 the 60 sites already present in the Drupal factory.

A time saving was also noted for production going from up to 5 hours to… 30 min!

The quality associated with best developmental practices of Clever Age teams also allowed optimisation of charging performance, interactivity and visual page stability indicators.

This project is a success at the level of the FAYAT group having already brought new subsidiary sites not planned in the initial scope into the factory.

  • Ibexa

  • Page Builder

  • Page Layout

  • Symfony

  • Website Factory