Identification and authentication management for clients and users

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Amaline Assurances is a subsidiary of Groupama Group, and its brand Amaguiz focuses on the direct distribution of insurance by Internet or by phone. Amaguiz strives for performance and security. To face this challenge, the IT department regularly conducts analyses of the existing and makes sure that they implement an adequate solution for their activity while guaranteeing the security of their information system.

The client’s need

Amaline Assurances sought Clever Age to conduct a study and propose an enhancement plan for identification and authentication, for client accounts and internal user accounts.

Project description

The mission was divided into three phases :

  1. As-is analysis and needs assessment
  2. Conclusions, risk assessment, and recommendations
  3. Enhancement plan

The as-is analysis allowed us to do a comprehensive review of the systems which use accounts, as well as an assessment of the usage of personal data and the security of data exchange.

We drew conclusions that we rated based on their risk and priority levels. This assessment allowed us to define recommendations, both on functional and technical aspects.

Based on these recommendations, we were able to establish a progressive enhancement plan, manageable and that ensures measurable results at each step.


Confirmation of the right approach of Amaline Assurances, improvement of system architecture, validation of a unified approach of identity management, the discovery of new concepts of architecture and factual roadmap.