Providing An Administration Console For Feu Vert Entreprises

Creation of an administration console for Feu Vert Entreprises : an application to manage professional contracts of Feu Vert’s fleet management, outside existing ERP, as the initial tool is no longer serving the special features of Feu Vert’s clients (many small clients, very specific contracts Vs. initially few clients, and standard contracts).

After conducting a consultancy mission for the project framework, Clever Age managed and created this console with specific development.

“The Console meets the business needs perfectly and its understanding was done very quickly. Feedback from the FVE team has been very positive in terms of usability and regarding new business opportunities that will open up for us.
As for the Module, success with the network has also been achieved. Providing good care for our customers turns out to be prompt.”

Stéphanie BOUCULAT
BtoB Commercialization Process Manager