Re-design existing website to comply with accessibility standard

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  • #Compliance (Accessibility , GDPR...)

Longchamp asked Clever Age to make its e-commerce website accessible. The website is available in 15 countries and 7 languages.

For years, Clever Age has given a particular attention to Web quality and accessibility. Web best practices are embedded into our processes and methodologies as well as our teams. We have 3 Accessiweb experts, and 33 Opquast certified consultants. We make this expertise available to our clients and love contributing to a better Web, more accessible, and inclusive.

In this context, Longchamps asked Clever Age to work on the accessibility of its e-commerce website, available across 15 countries in 7 languages. We came up with the following approach:

  • Raise awareness around accessibility to internal teams (functional and technical)
  • Conduct an heuristic evaluation and identify quick wins
  • Perform overall audit to assess the state of play
  • Train the team
  • Implement and support changes
  • Monitor automated tests

We used the well-documented RGAA standards (French administration e-accessibility toolkit) as a frame of reference. It provides a range of useful resources, and is in line with the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Consequently, a RGAA-compatible website is de facto WCGA-compatible and complies with French, European and international legislation.

Through this collaboration, the website’s accessibility significantly improved. The continuous improvement process around accessibility is under way and Longchamps’ team is now equipped to follow best-practices with regular support from Clever-Age.


A website is always a work in progress, it is constantly fed with new content, and there are always areas of improvement. Accessibility lives with it and require constant consideration.