Recast of an institutional website using Drupal

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes construction materials with the aim of inventing tomorrow’s materials.

After analyzing the functional and technical needs of our client and conducting several workshops with them, we came to the conclusion that the Drupal CMS was the most appropriate tool to recast Saint-Gobain’s institutional website. Here is why:

  • Drupal covers most functional needs without altering the tool: business content definition, content lifecycle management, extension and customization with modules, RSS feed integration, etc.;
  • Drupal is compatible with Saint-Gobain’s preferences: PHP application server, MySQL database, integration with the CAS SSO protocol, and so on;
  • Drupal is an open source tool maintained by a large, worldwide community that guarantees its sustainability.

After having selected the CMS to be implemented, Clever Age was asked to carry out the technical aspect of the project. Our mission consisted primarily in the:

  • selection of the Drupal modules;
  • development of the frontend templates;
  • configuration of the Drupal backend;
  • development of the Drupal modules;
  • integration of HTML templates into the Drupal tool;
  • release and maintenance.

You can check out the result on Saint-Gobain’s website:


CMS: Drupal

du site Internet institutionnel Saint-Gobain