Website redevelopment and CIAM implementation

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Uni-éditions is a French magazine publisher, subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group. It publishes magazines and websites covering topics related to well-being or family. After the acquisition of several websites belonging to the Lagardère Active Group – Parents, Infobebes and Momes – Uni-éditions has alignedre its activities around a new “family” division., and were managed with eZPublish CMS. On one hand, Uni-éditions’ digital team was looking to optimize performances and response times of its websites. On the other hand, the group wanted to rationalize the different platforms of its websites and regroup their user databases, which lead to a second project: a CIAM solution implementation.



Uni-éditions wanted to develop a new web platform where all websites would be migrated. website was the first project stream. This new platform provides a unique foundation where can be homogenized and mutualized all development tools, that will serve contents via web services for the group websites, but also mobile applications, and partners. It is based on a decoupled architecture with Drupal 8 for contribution back office, Elasticsearch for content indexing and distribution, exposed to an omnichannel API.

Uni-éditions has selected Clever Age to support the implementation of this project.


1/ Analysis Phase

This phase is aimed to validate the target architecture proposed by Uni-éditions and ensure a solid foundation for all future Uni-édtions websites.

At the end of this phase, Clever Age was able to build and validate the future technical platform, and move into the implementation phase.

2/ Support in UX, artistic creation, audit and prototypes validation

Uni-édition leveraged Clever Age’s expertise in UX and graphic conception. Clever Age conducted an audit and proposed recommendations on the wireframes and graphic prototypes created internally.

3/ HTML integration

Clever Age and Uni-éditions did the front HTML integration in Responsive Design. The Clever Age team then had to verify the deliverables compliance in terms of quality and full responsiveness. Finally, our teams had to organize and manage several releases to ensure a good CSS and optimize front performances throughout integrations.

4/ Back end development

Clever Age has supported Uni-éditions’ technical team by bringing its Drupal technical expertise and its knowledge of the Symfony™ framework.

THE RESULTS visitors benefit from an optimum loading time (the delay for displaying pages is less than 2 seconds). Uni-éditions can now consider with serenity its growth on the web.

2nd Project: Implementation of a CIAM Solution (Customer Identity Access Management)

After a first study mission of CIAM solutions, Clever Age has been able to formalize its objectives and the main functionalities expected by Uni-éditions, and made a recommendation on the most adapted solution in the context of a press group. The solution selected was Gigya, renowned editor in the area of Social Login, well known for its advanced functions regarding administration, and forms settings.

The Clever Age experts have supported Uni-éditions in the implementation of the CIAM solution Gigya, especially on the following elements:
forms settings in the Gigya console,
graphic design and interactions of the forms (JS/CSS),
forms integration with Symfony templates
Facebook Social Login setup and activation
settings and import with the different partners of Uni-éditions (CRM, ESP…)

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