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Your next customer will research and evaluate your products and services through your multi-channel digital presence (website, e-Commerce site, mobile app, advertising campaign, connected objects etc.). They may engage — probably a bit later — at a point of sale, with a sales team or a call center. Consumers of your digital content are terribly demanding, impatient and eager for consistent, fun, personalized digital experiences. The customer calls the shots. This requirement needs to be integrated at the very heart of your thought process.

The good news for digital marketers and sales teams is that Cloud solution providers (and more hesitantly the world of open source) offer innovative solutions for acquisition, analysis, segmentation, personalization, recommendation or even automation of your marketing campaigns. All in real time, in order to capture and process the millions — or tens of millions — of actions performed each month by your users on all of your digital touchpoints.

This Be Clever Meeting is aimed at organizations who wish to initiate or consolidate a rational and resourceful approach around digital marketing.

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The Stakes of Digital Marketing

  • The main benefits to be expected
  • A major role in the digital transformation of organizations
  • A strategic alliance between IT, Marketing, Sales, Support and UX teams
  • What are the results for enterprises engaged in these projects?
  • How can the maturity level of your organization be measured?
  • Definition of the main levers and techniques: data-driven marketing, inbound & outbound marketing, content marketing (vs static content), CX & UX, marketing automation, machine learning, data management platform (DMP), DSP, RTB…

The Main Levers and Techniques: Practical Cases

  • Design your acquisition and conversion funnels
  • Adopt an “interactive Content Marketing” strategy (vs “Static Content”)
  • Understand and analyze your users’ journey
  • Customize and optimize their cross-channel digital experience
  • Automate your marketing campaigns and measure their performance (email, text messages, social, display, remarketing, mobile push ..)
  • Introduction to Data Management Platforms
  • Data analysis and dashboards (Big Data, BI Cloud…)
  • Implementation within your digital ecosystem (CMS/e-Commerce platform, CRM, Call Center…)
  • User tests and ongoing improvement

Market Analysis

We are seeing a rapid increase in the number of players (local, specialized or open source) and a comeback of vendors in the business of “marketing cloud” (Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce …). This results in a growing number of available approaches and software.

We will provide an overview of the main solutions based on our field experience both in consulting and in integration projects. This will help you identify zones of friction with your Digital IS and your marketing organization.

Target Audience

This Be Clever Meeting is aimed at organizations who wish to initiate a rational and resourceful approach around digital marketing in order to optimize existing systems.

  • Digital Marketers
  • Communication/Marketing/Sales Managers
  • Digital Project Managers



Nadjim LAKHDARI, Digital Marketer
“Over 10 years of experience in new technologies. I have been leveraging my background in e-business to build new UX & Marketing experiences in order to support our clients with the development and implementation of user-centric marketing strategies.”

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