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As the current B2B solution for the MEA region is obsolete and reaching the end of the contract, Bic has decided to rebuild it to propose a more modern experience for the user with the possibility of reusing it ro open in other regions (Europe, NAM, LATAM etc). After a mission of choosing a solution directed by Clever Age, commercetools was the most adapted platform for the established needs.

Customer’s request

BIC requested to rebuild the current B2B website into a true e-commerce website with a better user experience.

Description of the project

Référence BIC B2B

In their “Consulting to Delivery” policy, Clever Age lead this project from start to finish, from the choice of a solution to user training through integration:

  • Choice of a solution by theBeClever entity of Clever Age
  • Production of models with Jaune, Clever Age’s communication agency, at the base of UX of commercetools Frotend adapted to a graphical chart BIC
  • Creation of backlog
  • Functional specifications
  • Conception of the data model
  • Specification of interface contracts between commercetools and ETL relaying with the ERP
  • Front integration
  • Platform Configuration
  • Tests and corrections
  • Customer demonstrations
  • Adjustments
  • Putting into production
  • Formation of commercials of each country of a region

Observed results

BIC was very satisfied with the entirety of the project. With a respected budget, the site now proposes a modern and dynamic experience for a customer.

Customer feedback

”Long-time partners in the digital e-commerce transformation, Clever Age has once again shown themselves to be a reliable partner by responding to our needs in acceleration and deployment of our B2B worldwide ecosystem.
By appreciating their methodical and strict approach, we were able to benefit from advice perfectly adapted to our requirements and our digital strategy, through stages punctuated by detailed analysis of our needs.
Concerned to align with our capacities and our rhythm, Clever Age teams were able to demonstrate their flexibility by adapting to our constraints to optimal implementation of a solution.
With immense satisfaction we can confirm that this new stage of our digital transformation is a true success.
Good job to all the members of the Clever Age teams who contributed to this success and who have solidified our collaboration, by their implication and professionalism.”

David Viagulasamy
Global VP IT Digital Director – eCommerce & Commercial Digital Activities at BIC

Partner feedback

We are happy to collaborate with Clever Age. Clever Age was a key partner in BIC’s digital transformation. Together, our expertise and our innovative solutions allowed us to redefine BIC’s B2B experience online, establishing a new standard in customer experience and satisfaction.

Neerav Shah, VP of EMEA, at commercetools

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