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Les Burgers de Lucien

A family of experienced restaurateurs launches a new adventure!

Kiosks set up in small towns/villages offering quality burgers made with local produce: Lucien’s Burgers have arrived and are sure to delight you!

  • Brand creation,
  • Acquisition of B2B and B2C targets,
  • Creation of digital platforms

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Customer requirements

The founders wanted to create a strong brand that would reflect their family DNA, while positioning themselves in a highly competitive market.

We’re dealing with entrepreneurs who know what they’re getting into, and above all, where they want to go. For them, boldness must be a defining characteristic of their communications and brand identity, their communications strategy and digital platforms for members and customers alike.

They also wanted the support of a long-term partner, with whom they could build a relationship of trust, synonymous with a successful brand launch. For them, Jaune and Clever Age are an integral part of the team and the entrepreneurial adventure.


How to create a strong and differentiating brand, for two targets, in a hyper-competitive market? That was our ambition!

Our UX approach, translated by a competitive benchmark, a brand platform and a positioning mapping, allowed us to lay the foundations of the brand and the strategy to adopt. It guided us through each stage of developing the branding of the brand, its lines of communication with future members or customers, and its launch.

The design was conceived from the outset as a brand universe in which logo, name, baseline, illustrations, graphic elements and editorial line respond and complement each other to form a strong, coherent identity. Lucien’s colorful identity and pencil drawings, combined with its outspoken message, convey its honesty and highlight its local approach to quality, setting it apart from the competition.

Led hand in hand by Clever Age and Jaune’s various divisions (brand strategy – UX-UI design – social media), the launch involved the production of various media: print, stand, web and social networks, in line with the print and digital charters in place.


The main objective of this project was to create a platform that would address the following issues:

  • Provide a robust e-commerce solution integrating an efficient, easy-to-use content management system.
  • Facilitate interconnection with the checkout system for order processing/preparation.

In order to meet these challenges, it was essential to carry out a preliminary scoping phase with the aim of identifying the most appropriate solution to meet these challenges, and then to support the customer in clarifying and gathering these requirements.


The brand was built to appeal to two main target groups: a highly identified, singular brand, with a perfectly recognizable graphic universe. This was one of the essential conditions for rapid adoption by the targets. Targets were addressed in two distinct communication phases, in parallel with sales development, using dedicated communication media.

For future members, the Franchise Fair provided an opportunity to get to know the brand, its environment and its offers, via a stand specially designed for the occasion. This major event was also supported by sponsored communication on social networks to develop awareness of this new brand.

In a second phase, the general public was able to discover this local brand, anchored in the regions, first via social networks and ultra-geolocalized communication. Each time a kiosk opens, content is sponsored in the catchment area to promote Lucien.

In addition, a range of communication tools are used to publicize each local opening, including local press relations and street marketing.

Developing a membership network

It’s not just the launch of a business or an e-commerce site. It’s the beginning of a story in which several members (not franchisees) join the Lucien family. The company supports all new recruits in the implementation of their entrepreneurial adventure: knowledge transfer with tools and training, profitability control, quality products and top-of-the-range equipment, etc. With the development of its network, Lucien’s Burgers hopes to establish itself throughout France. And many towns have already taken advantage!

Support for SMEs

Clever Age is proud to support both major accounts and promising SMEs that share the Group’s values.

Lucien’s Burgers are an innovative response to the demand for local shops in isolated areas. Over and above an attractive business model, Lucien’s is a vision of entrepreneurship.