Design of a mobile app for vendors

LG, from the abrievation Lucky-Goldstar, is the famous electronic manufacturer and also operates on the chemistry, telecommunications and army industries. Being nø2 in Korea after Samsung, the company registered a turnover of 128 billion of dollars in 2013 that is equivalent to 10% of the Korean GDP.

How to better inform vendor partners?

LG doesn’t distribute its products through its own shops but sells through channels of telecom operators or in open market through vendor partners. The manufacturer wanted a better way to distribute news and updates about its products because the product range was renewed four times a year while communications these with vendor partners was happening only once a year.

When the LG G3 smartphone was about to be launched, LG EMEA asked us to develop a specific app so the vendor partners could install it on their own phones.

Designing a B2B mobile app for B2C purposes

We designed an app to share product updates with vendors in the Marketing and News sections. We also integrated three other services to support the vendors in their daily tasks by:

  • segmenting the information per type of shop: a segment per operator and a generic segment for the open market
  • providing a help forum between partners
  • launching a granting game where the vendor partner would be encouraged to use the app in exchange of points and gifts.

The app was also made in a very beautiful design so the vendor could show the benefits of a specific product to onsite clients.

The result? The app got a +80% engagement rate.