Development of internal mobile app

Carrefour is the worldwide pioneer in the supermarket distribution industry. With a network of 12,000 shops in more than 30 countries, its M&A with Promodès Group enabled the distributor to become the European leader and the 3rd wealthiest mass retail company after the American Wal-Mart.

How to better share information with store managers ?

Due to its large internal network, Carrefour published an internal journal distributed to all the store managers. Initially made in paper version, the distributor also wished to make a digital version of its journal.

In partnership with the print agency Publicorp, Sidereo helped to digitalize the journal for the first time. We also advised Carrefour’s Communication team to fully benefit from the digital experience by enabling the journal to catch reading stats and better understand the readers.

Designing the app of the internal journal with a content management system

We programmed a back-office to help the Communication team to push easily new content and manage posts on the mobile app.
Designed for iOS and Android, the mobile app also integrated entertaining games with quizz leaderboard of the best participants.

We took up several technical challenges, particularly for:

  • timing the speed of response time to the quizz: the response time was a key variant to earn points. We faced a technical challenge on iOS because we had to force the app to keep on timing even when the quizz was not screened.
  • distributing a business-type app inside a company: the app was distributed with through Apple’s Entreprise Licence for the iOS version and was integrated to the corporate security system (PC login reused in the app, etc).