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Cultura is currently the third company specializing in the commercialization of cultural and creative goods and leisure activities in France. With a general turnover of more than 500 million euros, the company currently employs more than 2,500 employees. With more than 64 stores in France, Cultura offers an eCommerce site displaying the entire store catalog but also downloadable products such as video games, music and e-books. In order to face the increasing number of mobile visitors, Cultura made the choice to offer a brand new shopping experience thanks to a dedicated mobile theme. With an existing eCommerce Magento website, Cultura has chosen Clever Age to imagine this new strategic challenge for the brand.

Dedicated mobile website or a responsive web design ?

The old version of the website did not permit a correct display on mobile. The main goal of Cultura was to allow its customers to improve their buying experience thanks to the access to the entire catalog even on a mobile. In its reflection, Cultura made the choice of a dedicated mobile website instead of a responsive web design. This choice has been motivated by 2 main reasons :

  • To offer a mobile experience to client : With a mobile theme, the website had the objective to offer a fluid and instinctive navigation allowing to consult the whole catalog of Cultura. One of the biggest challenge was to offer a real user experience with a rich browsing through numerous categories : 16 categories, more than 150 sub-categories and 1.7 million references in the whole catalog.
  • To create a real buying experience : In addition to facilitating the consultation of the catalog on the website, the brand wished that its customers could order everywhere, any time and now with any device. Cultura wanted a website which propose a real shopping experience allowing its clients to finish their purchase easily from their phone.

Facing the growing number of mobile visitors we had an urgent need to adapt our website to this device. Because of the growing of our catalog, we needed a version more light and more user centric. We have trusted X2i, Clever Age Group, for this mission because of their Magento expertise. We highly appreciated their mastering of user experience aspects. This new theme, recently on line, already shows very good results and this is very satisfying for us.

Olivier Leonard, eCommerce Director – Cultura

The main features of the project

  • The complexity of a navigation into a bulky catalog : 1.7 million of references
  • To maintain a consistent navigation between different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • The creation of a dedicated theme based on an existing Magento platform
  • The implementation of an advanced tagging plan (Tag Commander) connected to Google Universale Analytics.
  • The integration into a rich e-Marketing ecosystem

Focus on a fluid and instinctive user experience (UX)

In order to provide a fluid and instinctive browsing which allows to access the entire catalog, a real work has been done during the conception and design of the user experience. This part, at 100% in charge of Clever Age, started with a technical and functional specification phase. Once the specifications validated, the layout of first interfaces have been created thanks to the Axure software which allows a clear and interactive preview of the final result.

No pictures before being into the desired category !

During our reflexion on the user experience, we have made the choice to display pictures only at the last level of category. This choice has been motivated by the desire to simplify the browsing elements and to improve performances.

A remaining sticky menu

Giving concrete visuals cue was a strong challenge for the mobile site of Cultura which has a very wide catalog. In order to provide to user an instant access to his cart and to the search bar, we have chosen a sticky menu which doesn’t disappear with the scroll in the page.

A cross-channel strategy

Until now, users used their phone mostly to find the nearest store. It was essential to keep this user experience. We have made the choice to push the store locator feature on top of the Home Page.
Image sur mobile

Focus on the integration into the e-marketing ecosystem

As the ergonomic of the website we had to take care of the technical aspects of the mobile project. In addition of reusing the existing Magento platform, the new mobile website had to be integrated into the existing ecosystem. 3 main tools have been connected to Magento in order to extend the desktop experience to the mobile website :

  • Antidot (searchandising) : a solution which allows to improve in-site searchandising, one of the key of the browsing of Cultura.
  • BazarVoice (customer review) : Given the impact of customer reviews on the conversion rate, Cultura wanted to keep this tool also on the mobile version
  • Prediggo (product recommendations) : The Prediggo merchandising engine adapts to each user, according to his navigation and his research, whether he is known or not

The Results

The benefits of a mobile theme

In 6 months, the first results on mobile have been impressive :

  • Decreasing of the bounce rate (almost 10%)
  • The traffic has been doubled
  • Average time sessions has been doubled
  • Number of pages viewed has been doubled
  • Multiplication by 4 of the conversion rate !
image mobile e-commerce

An extended use

One of the main benefit of this new project is an appropriation of the use by the sales team in store. Sales advisors use the mobile theme at the point of sale to place orders for products not available in stores (range extension, stock shortage or large quantities). For this purpose, the ordering process has been adapted and allows the customer to finalize the purchase in cash desk.The customer in store can now take advantage of 100% of the Cultura offer and receive the product wherever he wants, at home or free in-store the next day (for all orders before 4pm).

What’s Next ?

Regarding next evolutions, Cultura plans to deploy a dedicated tablet theme of its website in order to offer a real seamless experience whatever the device used by the client.


  • Functional & UX conception
  • Technical architecture
  • Creation of a dedicated mobile theme
  • Magento customization
  • Co-development with the Cultura team.