Scoping mission : CMS Revamp to Drupal 8 for TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific

The collaboration between TV5MONDE and Clever Age started in 2017 with the development of TV5MONDE Afrique’s digital offering. Read more about this previous mission.

Customer Review

TV5MONDE is the world’s cultural TV network in French. The headquarters are based in Paris, but the company is present in more than 200 countries and territories.

TV5MONDE has 10 distinct channels, including 8 general entertainment channels (Asia-Pacific, US, Latin America, Africa, Maghreb and Middle-East, Europe, France Belgium, Switzerland,), TV5MONDE Style a lifestyle channel and Tivi5, the kids’ channel broadcasted in the United States and Africa. These channels are broadcasted in French and subtitled in 13 languages.

TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific operates in the region through 4 websites covering each different time zones; one dedicated to the “Asia” GMT +5 to +8 timezones and the “Pacific” region GMT +8 to +12. In Asia-Pacific, TV5MONDE offers 3 live-channels to over 112 million cable, satellite, and IPTV homes and a subscription-based TV everywhere service to 358 million OTT users.


These 4 TV5MONDE Asie-Pacific websites were developed a few years ago on a .Net CMS 

The CMS provided content to :

  • Asia website supporting 2 languages (English and French)
  • Pacific website supporting 4 languages (English, French, Japanese and Korean) + 2 specific sites for Korean and Japanese customers
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Social Media

and connected to:

  • Payment platforms 
  • Internal TV5MONDE OTT platform
  • Internal TV5MONDE VOD platform


To align with company standards, facilitate maintenance and limit risks, TV5 MONDE Asia-Pacific asked Clever Age to support the migration to Drupal 8. This project was also the opportunity to rethink the website set-up and make enhancements. To increase online brand awareness and website traffic.

  • Incorporate new languages for customers and B2B contacts
  • Rethink the website hierarchy, UI/UX and accessibility
  • Challenge existing mobile versions, payment platforms, etc.. 

Scope of mission :

Clever Age’s objective for this scoping mission was to understand TV5MONDE Asia Pacific context and expectations. To get into the functional usage of the existing CMS, its technical specificities, and identify areas of improvement. Clever Age also analyzed the requirements for future websites (UX, functional, technical) to propose the best approach and solution to the company.

Feedback after the mission :

It has been a real pleasure to work with the Clever Age team in Asia. The whole scoping process has been smooth and efficient. Challenging, though, as a full revamp was needed. The team, TV5MONDE worked with, is helpful, very professional and highly skilled. The collaboration was beyond expectations, and the scoping missing helped the company to move forward to the crucial steps of development and project launch.